Participating groups
ID Model Contact status
ES1 WRF-Chem||orerreugzenemij.ordep 2 x 3 runs
DE3 COSMO-MUSCAT ed.soport|eklow#ed.soport|eklow 2 x 3 runs
ES2 NMMB/BSC-CTM se.csb|abroj.loiro#se.csb|abroj.loiro starting soon
ES3 WRF-Chem sectional se.mpu.if|otrebor#se.mpu.if|otrebor starting soon
CH1 COSMO-ART hc.apme|rennurb.kinimod#hc.apme|rennurb.kinimod 2 runs for fire complete
CS1 WRF-Chem modal Consortium 1 2 x 2 runs
CS2 WRF-Chem modal Consortium 2, higher resolution only fire case
DK1 Enviro-HIRLAM||namretun unknown
UK5 WRF-CMAQ||gnok.x withdrawn?
GR1||sollak interest in dust case
  • Consortium1: SI2/1, AT1, DE4 (WRF-Chem, modal), AQMEII2 run, partly still available (2 x 2 runs, indirect effect to be restrored)
  • Consortium2: SI1, DE4, AT1, perhaps IT1 (WRF-Chem better resolution), starting next year 1 x 3 (only fire case)
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