Working groups 2 and 4 of the COST Action ES1004 jointly initiated a collaborative modeling exercise for two case studies in the year 2010 with high aerosol loads. This activity complements the simulations performed for AQMEII phase 2 by enabling more detailed insight into specific feedback processes and their representation in different models.

The two cases identified are

a) Russian forest fires in July/August 2010 (period 25 July-15 August 2010)
b) Saharan dust episode in October 2010 (period 2 -15 October)

Details on the setup of the simulations are provided in the following document:

Submission of model output

All model output and observation data is hosted at the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre BSC.
Model output has to be uploaded by ftp as follows:

ftp: siroco.upc.edu port 21
user: costaction_ES1004
password: 7dj!jklsd9GD
Please inform se.csb|abroj.loiro#se.csb|abroj.loiro when a model data set is uploaded.

Directory structure:
Top directories according to group ID, subdirectories for each case (for case IDs see Table 1)

Available top directories (for adding new directories please contact se.csb|abroj.loiro#se.csb|abroj.loiro):
CH1 EMPA, Switzerland
DE3: IfT Leipzig, Germany
DK1: DMI, Denmark
ES1: Univ. Murcia, Spain
ES2: BSC, Spain
ES3: UPM-ESMG, Spain
GR1: University of Athens, Greece
UK5: University of Herfortshire, UK
CS1: Consortium1 (SI2/1, AT1, DE4) (WRF-Chem, modal aerosol from AQMEII2)
CS2: Consortium2 (SI1, DE4, AT1, perhaps IT1; WRF-Chem better resolution)

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