WRF/Chem at NCAR - output variables

Following the AQMEII recommendations, the following variables are dumped for post-processing:

3D variables gases

ozone (o3), CO (co)

oxidized and reduced nitrogen:
nitric oxide (no), nitrogen dioxide (no2), nitrate radical (no3), dinitrogene pentoxide (n2o5), nitrous acid (hono), nitric acid (hno3), peroxynitric acid (hno4), ammonia (nh3)

peroxy acetyle nitrate (pan), methacryloyl peroxy nitrate (mpan)

sulfur containing compounds:
sulfur dioxide (so2), sulfuric acid (sulf)

radical (sinks):
hydrogen peroxide (h2o2), hydroxyl radical (ho), hydroperoxyl radical (ho2)

formaldehyde (hcho), ethyne (c2h2), ethane (c2h4), propene (c3h6), benzene (benzene), toluene (tol), xylenes (xyl), glyoxal (gly), methacrolein (macr), methylglyoxal (mgly), methyl vinyl ketone (mvk), isoprene (isopr), terpenes (c10h16)

derived quantities:
NOx (nox), NOy (noy), NOz (noz)
total R-O2 (ro2)
VOCs with X C atoms (voc_cX)
total VOCs (ppmC) (voc_tot)
VOC branching ratio (branching_ratio)
VOC reactivity (vocr_co, vocr_nmvoc)
glyoxal budget diagnostics (gly_aromatics, gly_ethyne, gly_isoprene, gly_oh, gly_photolysis)

3D photolysis rates

NO2 (J_NO2), O1D (J_O1D), H2O2 (J_H2O2), HONO (J_HNO2), HNO3 (J_HNO3), HNO4 (J_HNO4), HCHO - 2 channels (J_HCHO_H2, J_HCHO_HCO), MEK (J_MEK), Glyoxal (J_GLY), MGLY (J_MGYL), MVK (J_MVK), PAN (J_PAN)

3D PM2.5 masses

black carbon (pm25_bc), dust (pm25_dust), water (pm25_h2o), ammonium (pm25_nh4), nitrate (pm25_no3), sulfate (pm25_so4), POA (pm25_poa), SOA (pm25_soa), seasalt (pm25_seas)

glyoxal SOA diagnostics (pm25_glysoa_drk, pm25_glysoa_r1, pm25_glysoa_r2, pm25_glysoa_sfc)

3D PM coarse masses

black carbon (pmc_bc), dust (pmc_dust), water (pmc_h2o), ammonium (pmc_nh4), nitrate (pmc_no3), sulfate (pmc_so4), POA (pmc_poa), SOA (pmc_soa), seasalt (pmc_seas)

glyoxal SOA diagnostics (pmc_glysoa_drk, pmc_glysoa_r1, pmc_glysoa_r2, pmc_glysoa_sfc)

3D PM numbers

PM2.5 numbers (pm25_num), PM coarse numbers (pmc_num)

3D aerosol optical properties

backscatter coefficient (BSCOEF1, BSCOEF2, BSCOEF3, BSCOEF4)
extinction coefficient (EXTAER1, EXTAER2, EXTAER3, EXTAER4)
assymetry parameter (GAER1, GAER2, GAER3, GAER4)
optical thickness (TAUAER1, TAUAER2, TAUAER3, TAUAER4)
single-scattering albedo (WAER1, WAER2, WAER3, WAER4)
for each wavelength bin (300, 400, 600, 1000 um mid points)

derived AODs (AOD470, AOD555, AOD675)

3D Meteorology

cloud fraction (CLDFRA), Grell cumulus cloud fraction (GD_CLDFR), inverse density (ALT),
full model pressure (pres), temperature (tk), potential temperature (th), dew point temperature (td), relative humidity (rh), specific humidity (q), wind components (U,V,W), level height (z)
specific cloud water content (QCLOUD), cloud ice content (QICE), rain content (QRAIN), snow content (QSNOW), graupel content (QGRAUP)
number concentrations of cloud droplets (QNDROP), ice (QNICE), snow (QNSNOW), rain (QNRAIN), graupel (QNGRAUPEL)

soil moisture (SMOIS), temperature (TSLB)

derived quantities
level thickness (dz)
wind components in earth coordinates (u_ll, v_ll, w_ll)
water vapour column (H20), cloud liquid water path (CLWP), cloud ice path (CIP)
wind speed (wspeed) and direction (wdir)

2D Meteorology

accumulated grid-scale rain (RAINNC), snow (SNOWNC), graupel (GRAUPELNC), hail (HAILNC)
accumulated convective rain (RAINC), snow (SNOWC)
accumulated cumulus convection rain (RAINSH)

Screen level quantities:
2m temperature (t_2m), dew point temperature (td_2m), relative humidity (rh_2m), specific humidity (q_2m), U10
10m winds: U and V components (U10,V10)

surface pressure (p_sfc), sea level pressure (p_sl)

boundary layer height (PBLH)

terrain height (terrain)

instantaneous short wave flux at model bottom (SWDNB,SWUPB), model top (SWDNT, SWUPT)
instantaneous long wave flux at model bottom (LWDNB,LWUPB), model top (LWDNT, LWUPT)
+ accumulated quantities (ACxxx)

instantaneous upward latent (LH) and sensible (HFX) heat flux
+ accumulated quantities (ACLHF, ACHFX)

derived quantities
10m winds in earth coordinates (u_ll_10m, v_ll_10m), wind speed (wspeed_10m) and direction (wdir_10m)

2D deposition fields

Gases (dry):
SO2 (ddmass_so2), NO2 (ddmass_no2), HNO3 (ddmass_hno3), NH3 (ddmass_nh3), PAN (ddmass_pan), O3 (ddmass_o3), H2O2 (ddmass_h2o2), HCHO (ddmass_hcho)

Aerosols (dry):
black carbon (ddmass_aer_bc), dust (ddmass_aer_dust), ammonium (ddmass_aer_nh4), nitrate (ddmass_aer_no3), POA (ddmass_aer_poa), sea salt (ddmass_aer_seas), sulfate (ddmass_aer_so4), SOA (ddmass_aer_soa), PM25 (ddmass_aer_pm25)

Aerosols (wet):
ammonium (wdmass_aer_nh4), nitrate (wdmass_aer_no3), organics (wdmass_aer_oa), sulfate (wdmass_aer_so4)

2D emission fields

online parameterizations:


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